XML Integration for Drop-ship Orders

Tired of manually entering orders? With our advanced XML based message system you can combine your store back-end processing with our order processing system!

Please note: XML Integration will most likely require programming and/or web development resources. We will provide you with a technical integration guide so you can determine what needs to be done to your back-end systems to be compatible with ours.

Setting up your XML Integration

Once you determine that your systems are capable of being set up to process our XML messages we will work through the following steps with you to get you all set up and ready to send us orders and process inventory via our XML message system.

  1. Technical Integration

    This involves the mapping of your systems data to our standardized XML fields and the passing of three XML messages between the merchant’s system and BuySeasons Direct system through our FTP server. Those three XML messages include:

    • Inventory feed - XML message sent every 15 minutes with incremental inventory updates and a reset feed sent twice a day.
    • Order feed - XML message from merchant containing order information processed every 15 minutes.
    • Fulfillment feed - XML message sent to merchant with the order status including shipment information (tracking numbers, cancellations, delays, etc). In other words, we tell you immediately when we receive and ship an order. Messages will be pushed and/or pulled through a Secure FTP.

    Full XML XSD’s are provided which fully explain all field mapping and required data for all three of these feeds.

  2. Create Your Private-label Drop-ship Packing Slip (required for drop-shipped orders only)

    Send us your logo/company information you wish to have printed on the privately labeled packing slip. The packing slip will be private labeled just for your business and will contain no mention of BuySeasons.

  3. Establish Your Assortment & Build Product on Your Website

    While the technical folks are working on hooking your system up to ours, your merchandising team will work with an Account Coordinator that will help you create an appropriate assortment for you online store. Product data will be supplied to you through an excel file to help build products in the merchant’s content management system. High-resolution product images will be available to you by accessing our secure FTP image server.

  4. Perform End-To-End Testing (Test all messages, systems and shipping)

    We make sure everything is set up right by having you send through some test orders. We also provide you with inventory and fulfillment test messages so you can be confident data is able to be imported back into your system for customer service needs and accurate inventory processing for your web site.

  5. Begin taking orders on your site!

  • Product data we provide to you

    • Product descriptions
    • Pricing
    • Shipping weights
    • Product dimensions
    • Categorization (costumes, party, men's, women's, boy's, girl's, accessories, etc.)
    • Cross-sell information (i.e. what accessories go which with costumes)
    • Country of origin
    • Material content and care instructions
    • Manufacturer specific size chart information for costumes
  • Interested in getting your connection set up to our processing system? Create your account today!

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    Once your account is approved we'll assign you to your Account Coordinator to set up your system.